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The User Group for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX is powered by Users, for Users - here to help you maximize your Dynamics investment. As a member, you recieve full acess to educational content, discounts on conference registrations, and the ability to:

Exchange Knowledge
D365UG/AXUG offers industry and role-based training available on-demand and in live formats to increase your product knowledge.

Explore Solutions
Resolve system challenges quickly using the knowledge of other experienced users and implement these solutions in real-time.

Expand Connections
Connect with others who live or work near you, or those in similar industries to share ideas and industry trends at in-person events or conferences.

Eshibit Leadership
Expand your professional development with the many volunteer opportunities available. 


With each new member, the value of the community and the shared knowledge base grows—increasing the learning and education for all who are engaged.